Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Last year, I decided to try my hand at indoor gardening. Plants make such a nice addition to any room and it's always nice to be surrounded by living things. The little plant you see in the picture below (not in the pink pot, the other one) was given to me by a dear friend who we will call the Incredible Mrs. K as a housewarming gift. The little plant (who I named Saffron, for her pretty yellow flowers) grew so quickly! I went to my local gardening store in Brooklyn called GRDN to buy a bigger planter, a shovel and some soil. They have an amazing collection of planters and wonderful gardening things that cost much more than what I allow myself to spend.  

But I eventually decided on this beautiful Italian terracotta planter. The white stuff over it is a dormant moss that grows from the water that is absorbed by the terracotta. I loved the natural feel of it. 

With Help from J, my beau, I re-potted Saffron on my roof terrace and brought her back downstairs to sit on her windowsill. She looked swell in her new home and hopefully she will now have lots of more room to grow. She went through a couple days of shock, the three yellow flowers she had fell off, but she now seems to be doing better and becoming acclimated to her new Italian pot. 

In other plant news, the W siblings gave my these darling little herb planters for my birthday. The middle one was brown, but I painted it key lime green for some punch. The herbs (what they are I have forgotten) are growing nicely. 

The Jade plant (in the pink pot in the first picture) is next to be replanted. I also bought a Eucalyptus tree that needs a bigger planter most desperately, but nice planters are so pricey and I think my plants deserve the best. I guess I'll just have to wait a bit longer. 


DandyDude said...

the 'W' siblings are without question masters of taste.

John Craver said...

nice move on the key lime pot!