Friday, September 19, 2008

Architecture Inspiration: The American Standard Building

The American Standard Building (formerly the American Radiator Building), is a gem in NYC architecture.  It was built in 1924 in the ne0-gothic style by Raymond Hood & André Fouilhoux. I love the choice of black brick and gold accents (a color combo that I am quite fond of). The black brickwork on the facade was chosen to lessen the visual contrast between the walls and the windows and thus give the tower an effect of solidity and massiveness. It rises up like a dark luxurious tower. The Gothic-style pinnacles and the terra-cotta friezes on the edges of the setbacks are coated with gold. The base is clad in bronze plating and black granite. There are carved
 allegories, symbolizing the transformation of matter into energy, quite appropriate for a heater company. The entrance lobby is decorated with black marble and mirrors a la Tony Montana's foyer in Scarface. Those of you who know me can see how this building fits my aesthetic so perfectly and inspires me to no end. 

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cj said...

yes! this building is amazing! i love the details of it and how it stands out in the midst of all the buildings around it!