Friday, September 26, 2008

Carnivorous Plants

Remember my earlier post about terrariums? I've recently become enamoured (I've always been fascinated, even as a child) by carnivorous plants. I would love to have a beautiful terrarium with these gorgeous creatures growing in it. I love them because they live in the shadowy land between the Animal and Plant Kingdoms, forming a bridge between the two. I figure, these plants are so beautiful they would make great arrangements. Im a huge fan of arrangements that are beautiful and still living and I think that carnivous plants fit that category beautifully - and talk about a conversation piece! I love cut flowers, but sometimes knowing that a thing of beauty is still alive and well is a great thing. To quote a dear friend when I was talking to him about my carnivorous plant obsession he said "And if your guests become a bore, you can feed them to the plants!"