Monday, March 16, 2009


I love the colors and design used on the cover of April's issue of Wallpaper magazine.  It almost looks like a Pucci print. I love the shades of blue and diamond or crystal like pattern. I'd love to have this as a rug, tapestry or bed spread. 

Outdoor Furniture

Living in New York, I don't have much need for outdoor furniture, but I found these really amazing tables and stools. The sleek Galets series by Ludovic Renson features a low roto-molded table and stools that are chrome-painted with a bamboo insert on the surface. Cool, with just enough warmth, which is the exact look that I love. I wish there was a person in the photograph to give a clear sense of scale. 

Friday, March 13, 2009


I love coffee, it's in my blood. Look at this machine!

"Wheel" is an espresso machine with a 19 bar pump. turning the wheel a quater rotation, than open door and the box for nespresso-capsule move out and now you can put in an new nespresso-capsule. push the door and make a quater rotation from the wheel. the rest coffee dosen´t stand in the pipe will be that blow out with an overpressure. the water tank is a specila bottle from Vittel with Vittelwater. AND the best part? It's shaped like a C!

It's Been Forever

Hi! I know it's been forever and I doubt if anyone who actually did read this is still even looking for updates. But on the off chance that you are, here I am, updating again. My life has been in turmoil for a couple months, but thankfully, the dust is settling and I am coming out with only a few scrapes and a lot of lessons learned. 

For My first post back, I'll keep it simple. Check out this super cool wall sconce. You know I love a good sconce. Stepping into DecoTech, Andrei combines state-of-the-art design with the manipulation of indirect and direct lighting. Designer Brian Rasmussen pays tribute to Andrei Tarkovsky's film Nostalghia by incorporating pleated mirrors that provide a fragmented reflection to the viewer. You know how much I love mirrors and reflective surfaces. Available as a sconce, floor lamp, or chandelier. You can find it here