Friday, June 12, 2009

Design Inspiration: Neon and Retail

These pictures are a bit old, but I found them in my files and they were just another example of the use of neon. These were Louis Vuitton's window displays.

Design Inspiration: Grey Goose Headquarters

Antwerp designers Puresang have completed the interior of a bar at the headquarters of vodka brand Grey Goose in Brussels, Belgium.

The bar features a faceted wall composed of blue, triangular mirror-tiles and has a conference table at one end of the bar. A conference table at the end of the bar? Can I please attend those meetings?

I really love the look and feel of the room, it's almost cavernous or spaceship of the future dining room. I relaly enjooy the use of facets and reflective materials. It works for me, but I'd be afraid to have too many drinks in here, it might get very disorienting very quickly.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Repotting: IN NEON!

This time of year I always have plants on the mind. Mine have been growing so quickly since the weather has warmed up. One of the major pluses of the new apartment is the abundance of sunlight compared to the lack of it in my current space. I'm sure my plants are going to be so much happier. Since they have been growing so much, I have had thinking about repotting soon - since they will be reaching the limits of their current containers. I've been looking around for pretty pots and I found the ones below at Adonde and I am obsessing over them. I just love the combo of the wood grain and the neon pink and the gray. It's just perfect!

The nearest location that they are sold is Montreal and even so they are pretty the very least they are a very good source of inspiration for the sort of container I am looking for.

Inspiration Room

This color is very close to Glass Slipper:

Light Captured as a Table

I love these tables from Glas Italia so much! They are so colorful and cheerful and bordering on the wonderfulness of neon but in table form. They were designed by Johanna Grawunder who is a former lighting desginer who just recently made her debut as a furniture designer with this series. Drawing on her lighting experience for inspiration, Grawunder has designed XX console and XXX low table - two fruit salad tinted tables - to emanate light without the need for electrical interference. Constructed from x shaped glass bases and topped with rectangular and circular surfaces, the tables were uncovered this week alongside the rest of Glas Italia’s 2009 collection. In my opinion, I think she did a great job nof translating her work with light into furniture.

Glass Slipper & Palest Pistachio

This past weekend, with the help of my darling boyfriend, we painted my new living room Benjamin Moore's "Glass Slipper." It was reccomended by my good friend Craver, from Decor Craver, and I must say that I am more than pleased with it. I've seen it in several different ights now and it changes from a glassy pale green blue to a deep gray blue and everything in between. There are tones of blue, green, gray and even purple at times. I just love it.

The bedroom is going to be tackled next weekend and it's going to be Benjamin Moore's "Palest Pistachio." The rooms are going to feel lighter than air, which is effect I was hoping for! I can't wait to get my new digital camera to show you guys the rooms.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Design Inspiration: Mismatched Chairs

I love the mismatched chairs for this dinning room table. I own one dinning room table and four mismatched chairs. I feel awkward at times because of the hodgepodge look, but it's nice to see other people doing the same thing.

Hello Again!

I know, I know, it's been ages since my last post. In my defense, my day job was kicking my butt...but, now it's summer and things at the office are winding down and I can begin to focus on the things I love again!

Even more exciting, I'm going to be moving to a new apartment and that comes along with so many new ideas for a new space. This weekend I am going to be painting and here is my color inspiration:

My good friend Craver helped me pick out a beautiful color from Benjamin Moore called "Glass Slipper" for my bedroom and in my living room I want to go with a glassy green equivilant to that color that has yet to be found. I want the colors to be bright and light and airy and feel like you're at the bottom of a beautiful swimming pool sparkling in the August sun!

I am so excited for the new space and for this summer! Posts to come more frequently, promise!