Monday, June 8, 2009

Repotting: IN NEON!

This time of year I always have plants on the mind. Mine have been growing so quickly since the weather has warmed up. One of the major pluses of the new apartment is the abundance of sunlight compared to the lack of it in my current space. I'm sure my plants are going to be so much happier. Since they have been growing so much, I have had thinking about repotting soon - since they will be reaching the limits of their current containers. I've been looking around for pretty pots and I found the ones below at Adonde and I am obsessing over them. I just love the combo of the wood grain and the neon pink and the gray. It's just perfect!

The nearest location that they are sold is Montreal and even so they are pretty the very least they are a very good source of inspiration for the sort of container I am looking for.

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