Thursday, July 24, 2008


I've recently become slightly obsessed by wallpaper. I just love the variety of moods and effects that one can acheive with it. I have this nook in my bedroom that I plan to place my bed in. I want to wallpaper the inner walls and drape the edge of the nook, creating a false canopy for my bed. I've always wanted a bed a la Napoleon, and now I figure is a better time than any to have one. Since my roommate's veto cannot extend into my bedroom, I can have full creative freedom and create a space that is truly dramatic and spectacular to be in. Here are some wallpaper samples that I've been toying with. N.B., the space that I plan on wallpapering is not very big, so the wallpaper will serve as an accent in the room. That's why I think it should be something particularly stunning. The samples I've placed here are all very different. I guess it all depends on which direction and vibe I want the bedroom to take. Suggestions?

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