Monday, July 28, 2008


Unfortunately, living in New York, you have lots of friends that smoke. I knew that if I wanted to entertain, I was going to need an ash tray for my smoker friends. Of course, no dinky ash tray would do. I found this ashtray at a Brooklyn antiques store. I liked the shape and scale of it and knew instantly it was what I had been looking for. The mud brown color, however, would never do. I looked to the color of unrippened fruit and found the spray paint I could match most closely to it. In the after shot, you can see a little framed picture with lots of color squished in it. This is my color inspiration for the main room. I've been drawing the accent colors I want to use from it. It's a vintage postcard showing the ancestry of the Swedish Royal Family. I picked it up in Stockholm and fell for it. It has a bizarre melange of colors that work well together. This unrippened yellow green is the color of the garlands decorating the distinguished Swedish portraits.

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