Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dexter Decor: Blood Splatter Dining Room by Amy Lau

Amy Lau was one of 11 designers who transformed a Gramercy Park townhouse as part of Showtime’s Design House project. Their inspiration came from the six original hit series. However, it is Amy Lau’s dramatic dining room makeover which stands out. Her macabre decor was inspired by Showtime’s Dexter series. Of course I’m totally in love with Michael C. Hall. The result is a dining room fit for a serial killer.

The dining room is largely done in white - better to see the fake blood splatters everywhere - on walls and even embroidered on chair upholstery. Candlesticks shaped like human vertebrae carry blood red candles.  The glasses on the table have “blood” filled stems and tell-tale fingerprints. The ceramic tableware was handmade and incorporated blood splatter, veins and capillaries patterns. Dismembered flatware completed the ghoulish atmosphere.  Many of the Dexter inspired designs are now for sale on Showtime’s website. 


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