Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Un Cafecito Cubano

Coffee is an important part of any Cuban household. Growing up my mother, aunts and grandmothers would spend hours chatting away drinking coffee from their tiny fancy espresso cups.  As children, we knew that if we wanted to stay over at each others house a bit longer, we could just say "Why don't you have another coffee?" and our mothers would undoubtly cave in and sit down for another round. I also remember my mother giving me spoonfulls of coffee that had been heavily sweetened with lots of sugar to form a sort of coffee flavored simplek sugar that was used to sweeten the coffee. Even today, you will always be greeted with a cup of Cuban espresso when you come into my mother or grandmothers house, they seem to always have a percolator running. The only real difference between Cuban espresso and regular espresso is that Cubans give it to you pre-sweetened...usually with waaaay too much sugar. I guess when you live on an island with a surplus of sugar and coffee it tends to creep into the national diet - for better or for worse. 

I like to keep certain traditions alive. I still drink espresso every morning - though I now drink mine black. I have been looking everywhere for some adorable espresso cups and look at these! They are simply J'ADORABLE little cups by Sami Rinne Design. My vote goes for the white ones with pretty golden wings. 


cj said...

i love those little cups!!

Nick said...

so cute! glad to see your taste is still in tact after you endorsed those terrible fake candle sleeves :P